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Goodbye animations

2011-11-21 02:44:45 by JimpsonDaChimp

Im givin up srry i just think making stuff is boring i mean im not a computer expert so my animations would be pretty crappy so y not be an artist ill be sending art a lot now if you want to see my art and say its crappy your welcome

No Da Collection

2011-09-23 20:13:47 by JimpsonDaChimp

Screw Da Collection I'm movin on to THE ADVENTURES OF JIMPSONDACHIMP pt1 (the tile will not be in capitals). Im quitting DaCollection because of one stupid little sound that wouldn't come up as a freakin sound. But at least I will still make animations. If u want to check out Da poster it will be my art.

COL!!! (cheer out loud)

2011-09-17 04:55:21 by JimpsonDaChimp

I've finally got flash now I can start making DaCollection Yes yes yes! If your wondering what it's about its where JimpsonDaChimp (me) and his friends chair and Dylan the Ninja, make crazy shorts and errors for some reason. Here is a little poster to get u interested.

COL!!! (cheer out loud)

I'm all art every month

2011-09-13 22:30:24 by JimpsonDaChimp

I'm gonna send art every month and it's mainly going to depend on a special day in the month eg, Christmas December, Halloween October and Madness day September. As u can see I've already posted one for madness day and you'll see one for Halloween soon.

Nah screw entry 4

2011-09-12 01:26:23 by JimpsonDaChimp

I'm not givin up even if I have a mac :3 (Thanks to MisterTig, awesome1337 and Deezyrazor51)

Game over man!

2011-09-10 07:31:43 by JimpsonDaChimp

I can't get flash 8 it's impossible I'm giving up Goodbye

The Errors of doom

2011-09-05 01:31:38 by JimpsonDaChimp

No Flash 8 yet so I'm really bored and not popular

New stuff

2011-08-25 04:54:51 by JimpsonDaChimp

I should have a new pic but anyway my first animation wil be called Dacollection but i will have a series called the adventures of JimpsonDaChimp

Hey everyone you may notice my name on Death by Emo in the credits. Have you guessed that me and mister tig r friends In Real Life!!!!!:3 Anyway I just became a member and I'm gonna bring out my first animation in September I'll tell what it's called next week!!!